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ALP is implemented as an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol. It acts like a WEB server but without need of network. It executes WEB applications such as ASP pages and CGI applications. ALP makes Internet Explorer to be server and client. With ALP you can write stand-alone desktop applications, CD-ROM autoruns, use ASP for pure desktop software and still keep your code ready to run on WEB servers too.
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with ActiveX Pack1 ASP application is able to not just read/send binary files. They can be accessed as set of applciation defined records. And this is not limited to the files - any resource that behaves like file can be treated as like a DB table - memory streams, files, streams in OLE Compound files and so on.

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 SQLite3 COM (part of AXPack1)   
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Fully functional in-process SQL database engine

SQLite3 COM is a zero-configuration, in-process, SQL database engine which is implemented in a single DLL. It is a member of the newObjects ActiveX Pack1 Family and depends on the AXPack1 core DLL only. 

The SQLite3 COM is based on the source code of the version 3.3.5 of the popular SQLite database engine (see ). However SQLite COM contains not only the engine but also the COM interface to it and set of added features extending the database functionality.

The key features in short

Because SQLite3 COM is based on a public domain source code the features specific to SQLite COM (not inherited from the SQLite original source code) are marked in the list below.

  • The databases are single file - all tables, views, triggers and other DB objects are kept in a single file.
  • No static configuration is needed. The application just opens a database, optionally adjusts the behavior of the interface and executes SQL queries over the opened database.
  • Fairly good level of SQL92 support. Support for triggers, views, indices.
  • Autorun ready. (SQLite3 COM specific) The library is compatible with the ALP autorun specification - can be used on-the-fly not without need of registration with the system.
  • Common database file format on all the platforms. No matter where your application works - on a Pocket PC, on a desktop or on a smartphone the database file has the same format and can be copied without conversion between the platforms and used immediately. 
  • Full support for sub-queries
  • Transactions support. While nested transactions are not supported the one-level transactions can pack unlimited number of SQL statements.
  • Faster than most of the other embedded databases.
  • Active scripting compatible DB interface. (SQLite3 COM specific)
  • Independent of ADO, Jet, OLEDB. No compatibility and version issues if the both DLL are with your application nothing else is needed.
  • OLE Date/time types internal support. (SQLite3 COM specific) A set of DB functions provides text-to-date and reverse conversions, date based calculation and comparison.
  • Session parameters (SQLite3 COM specific). The session parameters enable parameterized views and triggers to be used. The parameters are set in the SQLite3 COM object's Parameters collection and consumed in the SQL that defines views, triggers or regular queries through a set of 4 simple functions. 
  • Reference date session parameter (SQLite3 COM specific) - enables construction of views and triggers that need a reference work date.
  • Call COM automation objects from inside the database (SQLite3 COM specific). The CallObject function enables you to call object methods and properties from any query, view or trigger.
  • UTF-8 internal format. All the national characters are preserved in the database and there is no need to specify code pages!
  • Supports: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT4/2k/XP/2k3 and later, Windows CE 3.0/CE.NET 4.0 and later including Pocket PC and Smartphone.

The database interface 

Although most developers are used to recordsets SQLite3 COM deviates from that popular practice. The results are unexpectedly convenient! The 4 Execute methods enable the application execute normal or parameterized queries passing as parameters variable number of arguments directly to the method (VExecute), or pass an array (AExecute) or a collection object (CExecute). Multiple queries can be executed with single call to one of the Execute methods and the parameters are available to all of them. The parameters can be passed by name or/and position as appropriate.

The SQLite3 COM interface resembles features from both recordsets and ADO's GetRows method in a fashion that preserves the most useful features, but eliminates the need of additional operations and simplifies the access to the database fields. It is simple and easy to learn. Furthermore the results are packed using the universal VarDictionary collection (from ActiveX Pack1) which has extended features enabling you to create copies, search and otherwise manage the obtained data in various ways. The universal VarDictionary collection is widely used by other components in the AXPack1 library and is compatible with most 3-d party components that expect a collection as parameter to some of their properties or methods. This way transferring data from one part of the application to another or to another component is often a matter of passing the entire or part of the data returned by the database to them.

Type-less but aware of the field types

SQLite3 is by default type-less database. This implies, for instance, that each field can be treated as MEMO and as short text field as appropriate. This is almost unique among the databases and may look strange to those who meet it for the first time. However it takes nothing from the functionality and yet provides some otherwise impossible opportunities. This means that the application may or may not obey field size limitations depending on what is more convenient for it.

On the other hand SQLite3 COM is type aware. The types of the fields returned by any query are always available and synched with the value of the particular field and not the column as whole.  

Can it be used on servers?

Yes, of course! It can be employed on a WEB server or you can even build a small database server with TCP/IP connectivity using the NetStreams member of the AXPack1 family in a few hours. Still the SQLite3 COM is primarily designed to serve as embedded database and it is not a replacement for a database server that services thousands of concurrent clients, but for small offices and databases not used too intensively it can do fairly good job for a zero price!


As like the entire newObjects ActiveX Pack1 Family SQLite3 COM is freeware. Support is offered for all the customers who have a development oriented license for one or more of our products that include the ActiveX Pack1 family as run-time library.

Copyright newObjects (ZmeY soft) 2001-2005