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Frequently asked questions


Q: Problems with WriteLog synchronization. 
A: There are two notifiers in the last ACOMTools version. The both use the WriteLog.Document automation object exposed by the WriteLog application. This object is not created unless the WriteLog is started and at least empty document is created. To simplify the usage I added a button to the "Frequency switching" extension (Reconnect to the outer application) - it that allows to retry the connection at any moment without need to reload ACOMTools or the extension. Thus you need to have WriteLog running and a document created in it. This happens after selction of the contest and after filling the required data in the following dialog(s).

Q: Which logging applications are supported
A: Currently ACOMTools ships with notifiers for WriteLog, LogWindows and TRXManager. Except the second notifier for the WriteLog (appears as "WriteLog 10 notifier") all the other notifiers are the same as in the Gerry Hull's application - the same DLLs. Additional notifiers can be created easily by the vendors of the logging applications or by me. I'll appreciate vendors contacting me to supply information and test versions of their applications. If they want to develop the extensions or notifiers themselves I'll provide the required support.

Q: The application window remains invisible/outside of the screen
A: Get this registry file and merge it with the registry - this will reset the visual settings (only - nothing else will be affected).

Home Development FAQ

Send questions and bug reports directly to Michael Elfial

A request:

ACOMTools support really powerful extensions. It will not be a problem to implement logging program as an extension(s). If someone wants to do so or to do it together with me I'll be glad to cooperate! I have no enough time nor enough experience with ham radio specific problems thus it will be hard to do it without a lot of help from someone who knows what the users need.

Also additional hardware can be supported through extensions. If some vendors of ham radio oriented equipment are interested in such an integration - please contact me.

Michael Elfial

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