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version 1.5 final


This page contains little information useful for those who want to extend ACOMtools. 


What is what

ACOMTools can be extended in 3 ways:

  • Extensions - the most powerful way. They support UI, configuration DHTML page and code. Except the configuration page everything else can be implemented in both script language or ActiveX controls.
  • Automation - ACOMTools cna be controlled from the outside.
  • Notifiers - Simple plug-ins supported by one of the standard extensions - "Frequency switching". From revision 3 they can be in script or ActiveX too. Notifiers are intended to hook external programs and command the ACOMTools to switch amplifier frequency and main window position in (slim and mini modes only).

This page will provide information on how to write for ACOMTools. I'll put here information on demand - in other words tell me what is most interesting for you.  


Home Development FAQ

Warning samples may need the latest ACOMTools version!


  • Empty notifier template in JScript and VBScript (zip 1k)
    Contains script files with comments. They contain the required routines and you will need to implement their functionality. These scripts should be placed in the plugins directory.
  • WriteLog notifier in VB (zip 2k) - source code. Use it as an example. It uses also an ActiveX able to enumerate the windows on the desktop and their children. 



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